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Top mobile app design & development company in India.

Blazedream is one of India’s top mobile app design and development companies in India. As a leading mobile app development agency in India, we help your app stand out from the rest. Some of the functionalities included in your app to enhance user-friendliness are push notifications, social media integration, user feedback, payment gateway integration, live maps, and advanced analytics.

We are a leading Mobile Application development company and top application design agency in India. Our developers have deep knowledge of the tools, technologies, capabilities, and languages in the iOS SDK, which helps them in developing highly influential iOS Native Apps. We are the leading company in building differential and promising Android Native Apps that support the Android operating system. Are you looking to hire mobile app developers from India at a competitive rate? Then, reach out to us at, here are some of the reasons to pick us as your trusted app development company. We are experts in this field with good client reviews, and we provide services at an affordable cost.

BlazeDream is a leading android app development company in India. We are known for building a highly engaging and effective interface. The apps are also secure and stable. BlazeDream is a top application development company focusing on designing and developing mobile and web applications to drive business growth. We focus on cutting-edge technology to deliver the best solutions to other businesses and start-ups.


Blazedream is a top mobile app agency in India with a highly successful track record of helping our client’s organizations adopt modern processes; providing executive-level guidance, transforming ingrained cultures, continuously delivering quality software, and building winning products.

Mobile app developers in Blazedream have experience of more than a decade. Our mobile app agency has been delivering and deploying some of the grand technology solutions for all kinds of iOS developments, Android developments as well as Web developments.


iOS App Development Services

iOS application development is the process of making mobile applications for Apple hardware, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Swift programming language and objective -C is used to write the software. The software is then deployed to the App Store for users to download. iOS apps are excellent compared to other apps in the market today. They always function smoothly after download. BlazeDream is one of the best iOS mobile application development companies in India.


Android App Development Services

At BlazeDream we specialize in android mobile application development too. Android is primarily used in smartphones and tablets. The Android software development process involves creating new applications for the Android operating system. Applications are usually developed in Java programming language using the Android software development kit (SDK), but other development environments are also available. BlazeDream is one of the best android app development companies in India. Our Android developers understand the architecture of the Android system. Android OS is a stack of software components like Applications, Application Frameworks, Libraries, Android Run Time, and Linux Kernel. Reach out to us for all your app development needs.


Flutter App Development Services

Flutter is a new platform that has transformed the entire app development process. From a single codebase, we can build, test, and deploy impressive mobile apps. Flutter is a platform with which you can build apps for any device of any screen size. Blazedream is one of the best flutter mobile app development companies in India that has carved its own niche in the industry as a trusted and respected software development company. If you think Flutter is a potential mobile app development platform for your company, then reach out to us.


React Native App Development Services

React Native mobile app development has become popular among developers recently for creating mobile apps. It is an open-sourced mobile app development framework by Facebook. It uses Javascript to build apps. A Single team can maintain two platforms and share common technology with React Native. The Debug menu in React Native lets you create truly native apps without compromising on users' experiences. At Blazedream we have top-notch professionals who are well experienced in React Native mobile application development. Reach out to us for all your business requirements as we are one of the best react native app development companies in India.


Swift App Development Services

Swift is a beginner-friendly and interactive programming language used to write apps for phones, desktops, & servers. Its ease of use, and understandability, makes it one of the industry’s first high-grade programming language. It allows us to experiment and instantly see results without compiling and running the application. Swift took a long time to get its way into developers’ hearts as most iOS platforms used Objective-C. It took Swift a long time to get to developers' hearts. Swift’s syntax is short, and straightforward but still guarantees performance. It is fast and efficient to use. Swift also supports dynamic libraries. BlazeDream is one of the best swift app development companies in India. If you would like to choose Swift for all your mobile application development needs, reach out to us. Our team of expert developers will help you with all your business requirements.


Ionic App Development Services

To build hybrid mobile applications, the Ionic framework is used. It helps in bringing a classy feel to the hybrid apps. It is easy to adapt and learn. It takes less time to develop, & market compared to native iOS or Android apps. It is open-source, reliable, and stable and it is built on top of popular technologies such as Angular and Cordova. If we must build native apps for both iOS and Android, we must invest a lot of time learning two different languages but with Ionic, there is flexibility to build cross-platform apps without any problem. Ionic has very high standards of UI elements. There are many customization options. Using a single codebase, one developer can build a cross-platform app. At Blazedream we have a team of well-experienced developers for Ionic Mobile application development and our company is one of the top-rated Ionic app development companies in India. Reach out to us for all your business requirements for Ionic App development.


Cross Platform Mobile App Development Services

If the requirement is to deploy software solutions that work on different mobile operating systems, then it is called Cross-platform mobile application development. For example, Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. A lot of effort is reduced with Cross-platform mobile app development. Code written once works for all the platforms, so code need not be written for another platform. It is cost-effective, more efficient, and faster. Uniformity in design can be achieved. Maintenance is smooth and easy. BlazeDream is one of the top-rated cross-platform mobile app development companies in India. Reach out to us for all your business needs in cross-platform mobile application development.


We develop mobile applications for Android, iOS phones, tablets and we also do hybrid application development.
There is a huge difference between cross-platform development and native app development. For Cross-platform development, a single app works on both platforms whereas, for native app development, separate apps are developed for the Android and iOS platforms.
Yes, we will sign NDA, and rest assured, that your business requirements are kept private with us.
You are the sole owner of the app. The BlazeDream team will provide consultation and help you in building the app.
Reach out to us at for all your business needs. We are pioneers in the field. We are the leaders in App design in India

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