Tweet Web Analytics, the great way for web developers to know how successful their websites are performing & examine how well their online stores are working. Once, the webmasters integrates the web analytics code into the websites, they can access huge range of useful reports. These reports provide a detailed study of the success of [...]

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Tweet Google Sandbox, the theory explains why newly registered domains and domains with frequent ownership changes rank poorly in Google SERPs and finds in Sandbox. In other words, why websites are hold in sandbox until their site quality are proven. Once Google deems that the site is of high quality & provides excellent user interface, [...]


Tweet Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn – Father of the Internet Tim Berners-Lee – Inventor of WWW Ray Tomlinson – Father of Email Michael Hart – The birth of eBooks Gary Thuerk – The first Email spam Scott Fahlman – The first emoticon Marc Andreessen – Netscape Navigator Jarkko Oikarinen – Internet Relay Chat, IRC [...]

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Tweet Google search is enrolled with a new feature named “Google Instant” which dramatically reduces the online searching time of people. It saves time by eliminating the keystrokes. When the user start typing at, the homepage will serves up with results. No need to spell out the entire title or no need to click [...]

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Tweet Chrome developer tools are greatly helpful for debugging HTML, JavaScript and CSS in Chrome. If a webpage or web app for Chrome Web Store is written, the elements can be easily inspected in DOM, debug live JavaScript and edit CSS styles directly in the web page. The extension makes Google Chrome to offer better [...]

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Tweet June 8th, 2010: Google announces the completion of the new web indexing system called caffeine. It provides 50% fresh results for web searches than the last index with large collection of web content. Whether it might be news story, blog & forum post. Now users can find links to relevant content than it published [...]

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Tweet Step 3 Add the elements to the <head> tag of the document. In the <head> tag of the web page, add this two lines: <Meta name=”viewport” content=”initial-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no” /> <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script> The Meta tag informs Google how to display the map in the web page. The value initial-scale=1.0 means display the map in [...]

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Tweet It’s easy to add maps in the website using Google maps. Just a physical location or address is enough to add the Google map. But adding map is not just like adding an image, it requires some of the features to add. Here a couple of tips are provided for users to add Google [...]

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Tweet Google has released an open source App engine application building and hosting service named “Thoughtsite”. Thoughtsite is a discussion forum that provides better insight for developers to create Google app engine application. Google apps engine is a scalable solution for creating web applications which scales the application automatically and charges based on CPU resourced [...]

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Tweet Erick Tseng, the Senior Product Manager Android of Google depart from the company and join the other big internet player Facebook as head of mobile and social. The move has not been announced by the company, but Erick tseng confirmed the news clearly in twitter. Tseng says, “I am about to begin a new [...]

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