Basic SEO Guide For Beginners Part 3

Search engine optimization can be done through two techniques one the On-Page Optimization and the other off-page optimization. On-page SEO is a popular technique that improves the ranking and business of the website. This factor includes research & analysis, creativity, innovativeness of using the keywords in title tag, Meta tags, headings and other semantic tags in the web page. On-Page SEO is a smart work done by the webmasters.

Page Titles:
Page Titles, One of the key factors considered to be important for page ranking on search engines. As expertise knows that page titles play an important part in ranking, they include the main keyword phrase on the page titles. For low competitive keyword phrase, a good page title is probably enough to generate improved rankings in search engines.

Include the product or services or brand on the front of the page titles and make sure that every page is unique with a different page title. Also, remember that your page title is what users see as a link for your website on the search results. A good page title should contain the most important keyword phrase emphasizing the page content.

Page Headings: <h1> – <h2>
Heading tags like <h1> & <h2> tags are also considered as a strong factor for ranking of keywords at the beginning of search engine optimization. But still it’s a good idea to include keywords and phrases in the page headings. Create a <h1> tag as your main page headings and then use <h2> – <h6> tags to display the other hierarchy of contents.

Usually, the webmaster creates headings with a variation of keywords which is different from page title. Many CMS applications use h1 heading as exactly as the page title.

Meta Tags:
Meta description:
If the user searches for the keyword on search engines, it displays the search results with a list of sites including page title, page description and link for that URL. Meta description is a short snippet which describes the overall page content of the website to the end-users.

Meta keywords:
Meta keywords contain more number of keyword stuffing and it’s easy to become a spam. They are no longer considered as a ranking factor. Search engines like Google and Bing don’t even consider it. As a webmaster, if you feel that it should be included, and then add some little keywords in the tag.

Meta robots:
It is used to tell the search engines not to index a page or not to follow the links on the webpage.

ALT and others:
ALT and other attributes and semantic tags are also useful tags that help to add weightage to the keywords. The keywords can be used in alt tags, anchor links and other links.

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