Basic SEO Guide For Beginners Part 4

Link building is an excellent concept to be endorsed for a website to generate its ranking on search engines. Link building, it’s a unique factor in search engine optimization done through different process like link exchange, article submissions, directory submissions, social marketing and even more.

To make ranking in search engines and create business for the website, webmaster do research and analyze of search engines.

Link exchange is one of the best factors used by webmasters in SEO to increase its ranking and create business for the website. Two main questionnaires should be considered before getting a link: where do we get the link and which is the best.

Page Rank
PageRank (PR), Google’s toolbar which measures the quality of the site. It is also based on the PR of the pages linking to that page. PR is more important and it also determines where the webpage will rank. It is one among the hundred factors and also a specific metric of Google. So, before going for link exchange check the quality of other site where you are going to get back the link.

Anchor Text, Nofollow and Link Diversity are important topics which should be discussed before talking about quality of links.

  1. Anchor text
  2. Links with the nofollow attribute
  3. Link diversity.

Anchor Text
Anchor text is the clickable text link that act as a page navigation for the user to move to another page. The user can define any sort of keyword or key phrase in anchor text.

Nofollow, the term refers to the process of linking the webpage by letting the search engines that the page is not recommended for link juice or link value. A link followed with “nofollow” attribute is not supposed to pass any link juice or link value. Anyhow, on SEO point of view the link does not carry any benefit.

Link Diversity
Link diversity can be easily explained as: For example:

  • 100 links pointing to your site from a single website
  • 50 links pointing to your site from 50 different websites

Just have a look at the above two cases. In the first case, theirs is no diversity in the link and all pointing out from the same website. While in the second case, each link is pointed out from different website to the site. It adds more value to the website. This is called link diversity.

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