Basic SEO Guide For Beginners Part 5

The previous discussion about SEO was great, but how do we know which works effectively on search engines. You get the answer in Google Analytics. Just measure what’s happening whether the efforts you put on the project is successful and leads a positive return on your investment.

SEO is not a setup or any proposition to be done. It’s an iterative process which should be measured, did research & analyze on various factors to increase the rankings, traffic and business in search engines. Many companies offer solutions at varying cost. Google analytics is a free, easy to setup and a statistical report of keywords, site reports, page views and more. At simple, just know how much traffic you received from search engines and other sources.

A few easy things you can do.

  • Do research & analyze on keywords which are bringing traffic for the website. Analytics greatly helps you to know which keyword is highly visited by the visitors, from which country, through which browsers etc.
  • Tracking of search engine ranking position (SERP) for the particular keyword and for a particular webpage
  • Discover which content on your site dos the best, getting more views, attracting more links and which page is a landing & exit page.
  • Check out which site adds more value and traffic for our website. It’s let you to focus better on that particular page.
  • Analytics let you to know who is visiting your site, from what browser, operating system, where they are located, how much time they spend on your website, about bouncing rate and even more and more can be crafted.

Many things can be done through analytics, but before you do anything on analytics just do some settings. Just understand what is happening in your site, what is and isn’t working and how it can be used to improve your site in next iteration.

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