Benefits of Twitter Social Media

Twitter is a popular social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and read messages known as tweets. It started as a means to communicate within the friends, family and coworkers and later it evolved has a powerful social medium.

Communication – 5/5 stars
It allows spontaneous interaction in real time. Twitter clients on mobiles are more popular and it’s easy & quick to communicate. It’s easy to track what people feels about the users and its business.

Brand exposure – 4/5 stars
Brand exposure via twitter offers flexible ways to the users. Satisfied customers who like to retweet the message would go for it. Through constant and vital tweeting, the brand awareness is enhanced.

Traffic to your site – 3/5 stars
Fair amount of traffic will be generated for the website, but it depends how the user promote or sell the website on twitter.

How you can benefit from it?
Twitter helps to publicize information of the organization online and offers useful information for targeted audience who would like to follow. Users can attract followers using catchy tweets.

Who should use it?
News organizations, marketers & advertisers

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