Benefits of Web Designs Being Responsive

Internet evidently became a huge market place to advertise and put up for sale, regardless of products and services of any kinds. Hence, most of the organizations had opened their virtual shops and reached millions of users worldwide on web. The advancement in the highly secured money transfer systems has increased online shopping, thereby the trade.

In the PC market, 2012 has been a very unusual year for the first time since 2000; PC sales are estimated to be lower than they were in the previous year. Smart Phones and Tablets are replacing PC’s drastically owing to its easy to use features, accessibility and availability at affordable prices.

Presently, over 30% of the traffic to the websites is recognized from Tablets and Smart Phones and this is predicted to be over 50% in the forthcoming days. Thus in order to give user friendly and robust solution to the end users, websites is tend to be responsive to the device to access it.

Generally, the booking sites, e-commerce, e-learning, portal sites and social networking sites are the websites that are commonly used on the go by the end users. Hence, a website that works equally well on devices that vary in size, resolution and quality would be the outstanding solution. If the users of variable mobile devices find the websites of any organization or company to be responsive, then in turn the concern may have sustainable growth with increased ROI.

Responsive web designs are more advantageous as it saves the cost of building unique web sites for every unique mobile device. It also saves time of developing websites for N number of devices. Apart from enhanced content organization in the smaller screens, responsive design lets the users of mobile websites to make optimum use of it. Beyond better performance, mobile websites should be easily found, fast loading, simple to navigate and easy to maintain.

Those organizations especially, portal, e-learning, service providers and e-commerce web development may find themselves behind the curve, for not having responsive web design which may also become a hurdle on moving further to the next vertical of the business.

Responsive designs built with HTML 5 and CSS 3 would bestow best in class user experience to the users who visits your website across multiple devices and platforms, thus converting the visitors in to customers.


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