Best 15 Sites That Never Ever Miss

Amazon is an online shopping center for biggest selection of books, magazines, music, DVDs, videos, electronics, computers, software, apparel & accessories, shoes, jewelry, sporting goods, broadband, beauty products and sports goods and even more. It is an American based multinational ecommerce company and the largest online retailer with nearly three times the internet sales revenue. Amazon has offices, fulfillment centers, customer service centers and software development centers across North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. is a large network of websites offering international news about sports, travel, food, entertainment, history, spotlight, science & environment, business, TV channels, radio, weather, music and world service and even more. BBC updates live news and current affairs, business and sports news around the world.


Citysearch is a local guide allows you to login into the right restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels and spas in dozens of cities. It is a directory that lets you shops and other services. It is a mobile version that lets you access listing from cell phone. Various campaigns run throughout the year including beauty spas, hotels, shopping, and restaurant services online.

Delicious is a social media website that allows users to share your favorite web links and other popular bookmarks. Search the site by keyword and create your list of favorites to share with everybody. It’s all about keyword tags and its popularity. Delicious is the leading social bookmarking service center where you can share and discover the best of the web.


The leading social bookmarking site where users can determine what’s important and interesting and submit it, digging it and posting a comment. To see the most popular articles, blog posts and other web pages of the day, just click the top in 24 hr, 7 days, 30 days and 365 days. Tech news, science, business, sports, entertainment, gaming, and world news are added. Digg community offers the best news, videos and pictures on the web.

Ebay, the online auction powerhouse where you can buy and sell electronics, cars, clothing, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods and digital cameras. It is the world’s famous online auction market. Just sign up and begin to buy and sell auction or buy it.

Espn provides the comprehensive sports coverage of the world news. It provides complete sports information about NFL, MLB, NBA, college football & basketball scores and other general sports news. is the world’s favorite online sports channel where you find interesting stuffs about sports.


Facebook is a social network website that helps you to connect and share with the friends and others who work, study and live with you. At first, it was started especially for students, but now it becomes general social media website. Mostly people use facebook to be in touch with friends about their favorite photos, links and videos and even more.


Flickr is an online image and video hosting website. It is the best online social network, photo management and sharing platform that offer services in different languages like French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese and Korean. Show you favorite photos, videos and blogs securely ad privately connect your friends and family.


The world’s leading search engine that enables user to search the web, use net and images. Google offers a wide range of useful web tools and services including gmail. It includes features like page rank, caching and translation of result and an option to find similar pages and even more. Picasa, Google maps, news, shopping, videos, images, orkut, blogs and youtube and even more are offered in Google.


A famous search engine that helps to find exactly what you are looking for. Yahoo list out the famous search results with relevant information, video, images and similar pages. Yahoo offers yahoo mail that helps you to access email from anywhere and enjoy the unlimited storage, space and feel secure with award winning spam protection. Yahoo messenger, yahoo answers, yahoo maps, yahoo games, yahoo news, yahoo weather are other services offered by yahoo. Yahoo directory is the first large scale directory of the internet.


Bing is a search engine that finds and organizes the answers you need. Users can make faster, quicker and relative search results. Bing offers to customer to check and access their mails. Msn is the original name, later it has renamed into Bing and it is organized by Microsoft.


Youtube is a video sharing website that allows users to upload and share videos. It is a popular video sharing site that allows users to discover, watch, upload and share videos for private or public viewing. You can search by keywords or phrases and enjoy your favorite youtube.

National geographic

National geographic is the famous online website that provides information about the world adventures, the animals, the environment, the science, space, culture, history, music and travel and lots from the experts. It provides free maps, photos, videos and daily new stories and articles about the world.


Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia built collaboratively with millions of articles written in hundreds of languages. Wiki is a free web open source where you can edit on your own. Wiki articles dominate the Google search results and the site will be listed in the top 10. It is maintained by a group of volunteers to main the quality control.

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