Best Effective Web Design Fundamentals

User-centric design has become a paradigm for successful web design oriented companies, since it’s the users who decide everything. You should be clear in every aspect of site design, in order to catch their attention. A good web design requires many aspects of design that come together. In this article we will concentrate on approaches, principle and techniques for an effective web design.

Firstly, you should understand how the users interact with your website and also get to know their behavior. After a quick glance, they scan some of the contents and click the over the link that snatches their interest. So before reading the principles behind good web design, you should know some important things about your visitors.

  • Web users require instant appeasement
  • They value credibility and quality
  • They don’t read but scan
  • Users follow their intuition

Now let’s move towards the principle for an effective web design.

  1. Simplicity is the key:

You should set simplicity as your primary goal to achieve an effective web design. The web users look forward to site design that has no advertisements and of course content that catches their interest. Never overcrowd them with abundant unnecessary contents.

  1. Never let users think:

Your web page should be self explanatory! These web pages should be so obvious that it never raises question marks. If your web architecture isn’t intuitive then there will be no end to these question marks. Since your visitors might be facing difficulties to apprehend how your system actually works. So, your designers should make sure the number of question marks is kept minimal.

  1. Focus on Attention:

Though the websites content are static and dynamic, there are certain aspects of user interface that visitors pay attention. Similar to how bold text is more attractive than normal text similarly images are catchier than text. Our eye can instantly recognize patterns, motions and edges. By employing some visual elements can help web users easily get from point A to point B without much thinking.

  1. Feature Revelation:

Web designs that utilize simple visually appealing concepts like large buttons, 1-2-3-steps are really effective in guiding users through your site content easily. You should incorporate different ways to enable your user sees the functions your site provides. Once this is done, you can make it easier for users to seize the idea of your system and also they develop better trust towards your company.

  1. Effective Writing:

You should adapt your writing style according to visitor’s preferences and browsing patterns. You should never do the following:

  • Long vague contents with no bold or italic text and visual graphics.
  • Unfamiliar technical words.
  • Avoid exaggerated language.

Instead you should use concise phrases, use multiple headings and use simple language.

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