Ways To Gain Visibility On Internet

Let’s do some serious talking. A poorly positioned site is an invisible site: it is useless. For it to grow in notoriety and visibility, it is essential to work on its pages, optimize its content and obtain links (or backlinks) from partner sites. In India and almost everywhere else, all major companies now have an army of SEOs to improve their web positioning. And when we talk about visibility “on the web”, we are talking about visibility on Google. Simply because the search engine born in Silicon Valley accounts for nearly 95% of searches on the net.

Doing SEO (or search engine optimization) allows you to:

Capture qualified traffic from Google
Make site visible perennially;
Build a brand image among Internet users.

In all cases, BlazeDream takes into account all the indications of its customers to create a customized, aesthetic and personalized site. We guarantee the success of each project by relying on our internal expertise.


Determine the relevant keywords for your activity

No serious professional would attempt an SEO optimization without having first determined on which keywords you should position yourself. With you, BlazeDream looks at the most interesting queries for your business. Depending on your needs, we commit to 5 to 10 keywords, or more. It is on this basis that we begin the work necessary to earn you positions.

Position yourself on top on Google

Based on the competition of the desired queries, we implement several strategies to position you on the top of Google’s search results (SERP). We are committed to achieving the desired position according to a fixed schedule.


Technical optimization: remove blocking factors

Some technical issues can significantly slow down the correct positioning of your pages and sometimes even their indexing in Google. To overcome this, our professionals perform a full audit of potential blocking factors involving more than 80 control points! Our intervention at this level often makes it possible to gain positions.

Content writing: building awareness of your site

Google is basically “obsessed with text” and it’s not for nothing. Mountain View’s search engine likes to be on the cuddle of optimized content with neat title levels, quality tags, our professionals jot this type of content for you.

The netlinking: get backlinks to convince Google

Finally, when technical and semantic optimization is not enough, we set up a netlinking campaign. It aims to get backlinks from other sites to increase your notoriety and your visibility. This allows you to conquer optimal positions to develop your business.

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