Top considerations to foster your website rankings

Experts believe that in the next 3 years nearly fifty billion devices will be connected to the internet. In such a scenario, everyone would probably want to achieve better Google rankings.

Since Google is rolling out with new updates now and then, it is necessary to optimize your website for both humans and search algorithm robots. So you shouldn’t be held up in a penalty because of doing wrong things to boost your search engine ranking.

If you are worried about your search engine ranking, then you are on the right place. Instead of focusing your energy on weak strategies, you should adopt the following to rank better.

Access your Current Position

Before implementing techniques to improve your position, it is necessary to know your current ranking in search engine results. This is important especially if you are new to the digital world. There are several tools available online to help you out with this information. Such tools will show where your website ranks in search engines.

Check the Speed

A major factor contributing to good search engine ranking is speed. If your website speed is slow, then your chance of getting better rank position is less.

According to Web Performance Today, a rapid decline in conversions was seen when page load increased from 1 to 4 seconds approximately.

If your web page load continuously increases, then even if you’re a tech giant, Google’s search algorithm will push you down.

Analyze your Site’s Health

Most of us suddenly wonder whether Google has de indexed our website. So how to find out if our site is not one? You can make sure with tools like pixel groove; all you need to do is enter your URL. Yet another aspect for better Google ranking is domain age. As the links pointing to your site and your domain ages, your ranking can increase.

Keyword Analysis

You can’t get far in your online business unless you analyze your keywords. It is essential to pay attention to the keywords that bring in traffic for your website. There are some tools out there, which can help you to analyze the keywords that have brought in organic traffic to your site. You should also understand that commercial words pay well than the informational ones. For instance prefixing words like review, deal, coupon and purchase along with your keyword phrase can convert your visitors to buyers and in turn generate better rankings.

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