Video Marketing- The New Content Marketing

Blog writing and content creation is becoming inevitable in today’s digital world. Approximately 40% of organizations use blogs for marketing purposes and more than 46% of people read blogs regularly more than once a day. Creating quality content has become a top goal to bring in more inbound traffic websites.

Business analysts have been constantly looking out for ways that don’t require too much time from their targeted audience but still propkagate their message productively. Today a new marketing strategy has been blooming and has been gaining immense popularity from several brands around the world. It is nothing but Video Marketing!

Extending beyond the traditional marketing, the Video marketing is something necessary in this fast evolving digital world! It is high time to learn and sum up the skills that envelop video production to set yourself within the current marketing trend. There is a steady growth in online video consumption and today about 89 million people watch 1.2 billion videos every day (according to a study by ComScore).

So why should you engage in Video Marketing?

  1. Quick Grasp
  2. SEO Benefits
  3. Outreach
  4. Trust worthy

As mentioned above videos are becoming part and parcel of the online world. They stand out in the social media by giving the viewers a quick overview of the product without overpowering them with long text. Now let us go through the benefits of Video Marketing:

Quick Grasp:

The human brain processes visuals sixty times faster than normal texts. Our brain avoids cognitive strain and usually tends to digest information that is quicker to process. Studies have proved that 90% of information sent to brain is visual and 93% of human communication is visual as well.

SEO Benefits:

Video marketing also helps the organization’s websites to climb the ranks of Google. Since the viewers are more interested in watching a 1 or 2-minute video than reading a lengthy page of content, many businesses are giving importance to video content to a great extent. This can in turn significantly help your ranking potential.


Today, video are more likely shared among friends when compared with other forms of content. It is indeed an excellent tool for marketers and businesses to share videos embedded with the story of their products, missions and new outcomes.

Trust worthy:

Videos can inspire, educate your customers efficiently. Producing more videos can not only help you to convey your brand quickly but also help your customers to trust your brand immensely.

With video production you will find yourselves more demanded by businesses, brands and also stay ahead of the game.

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