Google Adwords: PPC Campaign and its Types

Pay Per Click or PPC is a way of paying based on the clicks that the end customer makes on our advertisement. This form of marketing is found to be suitable when you have a product to sell and you want to reach a multitude of people in a short time. The most interesting thing about this strategy is that the budget is programmed first, so there will be no surprises for you to contemplate at the end of the day! The cost for performing PPC varies according to the subject, to what is sought, to what other customers are willing to offer for a click.

Generally speaking PPC is carried out mainly for three things

  1. Promoting brand awareness
  2. Generating leads
  3. Increasing sales

There are diverse kinds of online advertising –

  • Search Ads
  • Shopping Ads and
  • Display Ads

These are charged per click to your site.

Search Ads

Search Ads are the most effortless approach to discover clients looking on Google for absolutely what you offer. These ads appears on web pages that display results from search engine queries. This form of advertising is found to be more effective than that you could with a billboard or TV. It is necessary for you to bid on the right keywords (specific to your business) so that your business advertisements show up before the most intrigued groups of onlookers.


Display Ads

Banner Ad also called the Display Ad is a form of online paid advertising that comes in different formats – flash, image, audio, video and text. Upon clicking these ads the user will be redirected to the corresponding landing page in the website. Unlike Search Ads, the Display ads function differently and also are not found in search results. These ads generally appear as interactive displays and in some cases with animation on websites.


Factors to Successful Display Ads

When you have decided to run Display Ads for your business, make sure it runs on a site that is relevant to yours ( products and services).
Ensure to redirect your ad to an effective landing page.
Use powerful tools like Google Analytics to monitor your ads.

Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads might be more effective if you are owning an e-commerce website. These ads regularly appear over the Google search results and enables your user audience to see the style and price of your products and costs before they’ve even got to your site. This implies that every click you are paying for has a higher shot of buying you item as they’ve just observed what you are about to offer.


So whatever mode of ad campaigns you choose, it can be seamlessly altered to meet your business goals and audiences in your ideal market.

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