How to Promote Business Online

Marketing has seen a paradigm shift with the rise of Internet. Almost all companies update their business plans each year. But generally most of them set out their plan solely on social media. But there are several other effective ways to inflate the sales volume of your venture.


Blogging is one of the most common yet an effective promotional strategy used by entrepreneurs for their business promotion. Boost up your online presence by starting up a new blog and regularly posting articles on it. Make sure you include links to other blogs in your own posts, doing this you will get a link back to your blog and will moreover bring more exposure for your brand.

Local Listing Service

Next important technique to implement in your online promotion process is adding your business in local listing directories. With the advent of internet people have been depending on internet for searching any information. So by including your business website and information in Google local listing business directory can efficiently help in propagating your brand message to your potential audience.

Social Networking

There is no use of your website being online without its presence in social networking sites. Make sure that you create business pages in Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn and Google + to promote your business to the online community. This strategy can not just bring in trustworthy links to your website but is also economical since they are available at no cost.

SEO friendly

One of the top ways to promote your brand online is to ensure that your website meets all the SEO standards – make sure you have done your website’s on-site optimization. Avoid stuffing to many keywords and jargon words in your website.

Upload Images

A picture is worth a thousand words”. Nothing can represent your brand better than images. Take time to upload real pictures of your business on local directories. They don’t need to be professional but make sure they are decent.


Getting reviews can be beneficial for your business. Be it good or bad reviews can make your brand more credible for your potential customers.

Be Consistent

Nothing can be achieved on a single day! Isn’t it? So ensure that you stay consistent in your online works. Be it running your marketing campaign, propagating your business message across social media channels or sharing your information in local listing websites.

Fix the Issues

Only when your website is free from all errors will you be able to effectively promote your brand online. Use web master tools (Available in both Bing and Google) to identify the bugs associated with your website.

Email Marketing

With several new social media sites flourishing, many firms have totally forgotten the importance of email marketing for business promotion. Once you get your customers sign up for your email subscriptions, you can easily convert them into your clients by regularly sending newsletters on promotional offers.

Press Releases

Press release is yet another powerful technique to publicize your business online. Leverage this promotional strategy to make your potentials aware of your products and services. You can use websites like 24/7 press release and PRLog for your press release strategy.

Cross Promotion

Even the small enterprises online have been benefiting to a great extent by cross promotional marketing. To stand out from the crowd employ this nimble technique for your brand.


You can also promote your business through seminars and presentation. Yet another powerful way to promote your service or product online is by organizing an informative seminar. Use LinkedIn to promote your seminar online, because it allows you to specifically target your customers on basis – age, location, study and profession.

Boost your Sales with Freebies

Who doesn’t like to get something at no cost? Take your business to great heights by implementing Freebie Marketing. This Digital marketing technique involves advertising one’s business by giving away free goods and services to target customers.

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