Online Business Portals have Increased Manifold

Today businesses are looking out ways to create better ties with their customers. Technology has enabled these businesses to analyze the behavior and better the relationship with their customers. Business is no longer bound to four corners of a building, it has significantly moved to the next level, Online Portals. Growing internet user base aided the growth of such online portals in the digital world.

With the advent of several big giant companies like Amazon and Flipkart, many Indian companies have realized the need for establishing online portal for expanding their sellers around the world. If this is not convincing you to extend your business online, read down further.


Less Time to Process

Processing the orders that come through online portal take only fraction of time to process them in comparison to processes undertaken manually. You can save a lot of time if your online orders are sent directly to your ERP system.

Access to Accurate Information

Customers can be updated with a lot of information subjected to the stock availability. This can save a lot of time, because in the absence of an online portal the customers may be prone to risks of ordering the products that are unavailable or might take longer time that expected. Your customers would have exact insights about stock availability in your inventory.

Elude Mistakes

In the event of ordering products through online portals, there are less chances of miscommunication. Mistakes that can be caused by manual processing are taken out in online portal, for instance – the orders placed can be redirected to your ERP instantly.

Saves Time in Answering Basic Questions

When selling products offline, the customers can never find answers for simple questions like the product information, pricing and other related information easily. An online portal can provide answers for basic questions for your customers in no time thereby adding more productivity to your business.

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