Effective Tips To Attract Visitors With Your Web Design

Web designing is gaining more popularity and has lot of scope in today’s world. A good web design comprises to produce a great website that is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. Your website should be in such a way that it attracts a considerable amount of traffic and lows bounce rate. The landing pages of a website should be perfectly designed by a web designer in order to attract a huge number of visitors.

A blog can help you to keep your website fresh and it can drag a lot of visitors, blogs have topics related to your business, unique and brief blog content is definitely a great head turner that can attract a lot of potential audience and it helps to rank your pages in Google.

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For a perfect website a meaningful content is very essential, use a font size that is actually reasonable, it should neither be too small nor too big it’s good to use a standard font, another important thing is to maintain the font color that goes on well with the background. Give a Title (Title should be catchy), sub-Title, bullets and add images so visitors will know what your blog content is all about.

A websites loading speed decides your bounce rate so it should be very fast. Visitors leave your website immediately if the page does not load quickly. So, design your website in such a way that your WebPages are loaded at an optimal speed.

CSS3 and HTML5 makes your website can actually speed up the loading problems, but in the past JavaScript was widely used since it was popular back then, but its usage slowed down the website and affects the search engine optimization.



Keep navigation as simple as possible and it should also be SEO friendly. The visitors should find your website user friendly (i.e.) without clicking too many links and pages the user should reach their destination on what they actually want.

Your website will also have visitors from smart devices, your website should adapt to the screen of the devices (i.e.) it should be responsive. Responsive designs create a striking user experience by segregating pages for a widespread variety of mobile devices.

One of the easiest ways to attract visitors is by including attractive videos and images instead of long and boring content, but make sure that this visual content should not affect your loading speed.

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