Facebook PPC vs Google PPC – Choose the Best for Your Business

Facebook is a social network that has gained success of in social networking scene and it has also exceeded its competitors all the way to its current position at the top of the social media sphere providing its services to over millions and millions of users.

Facebook provides a Pay per Click (PPC) service that focuses on the different niche markets that employ on the social network. The social site permits you to target your ads to only be seen on specific profile pages.

These ads are similar to Google’s PPC ads, but facebook allows you to add images and they also give the user the chance to vote on whether or not they like the advertisement making the ads that much more liable to their target audience.

You can reach your target audience through these kinds of ads which is called as Demographic Facebook PPC. Google gives you the chance to choose topics or keywords, but they are not nearly as precise as Facebook’s PPC ads, because Facebook allows you to narrow your ads to be seen by more specific demographic (i.e. Age, Sex, Location and often interest).

Facebook Ads:

1. In recent times Facebook ads are rapidly gaining popularity and  are very beneficial to small to medium size businesses helping them to increase their website traffic with pay per click.

2. Facebook is at present showing up as having four hundred million active members and is the only company that Google in fact acknowledges is a real competitor to them.

3. As PPC advertising on Google, Yahoo or Bing Facebook PPC is not much used. There is another big advantage to this type of advertising – if people like your business, they can pass “word of mouth” very easily to other people on facebook, and now you have happy customers doing your advertising.

4. Another unbelievable advantage of facebook advertising is you can target a list of potential customers in a way that was never obtainable before. Demographic targeting means that facebook PPC clients will be able to set up their ads so that they only can be seen on the facebook pages of people who are tightly defined as part of their target market.

Google Ads:

1. Google pay per click advertising is a flexible, comparatively low cost method of endorsing your website and generating interest that can help you attain your company’s targets.

2. It can be economical compared with more traditional advertising strategies.

3. If a company is prepared to place the highest bid for a keyword it will be ranked on the top of the search results page. This is the straight forward principles of adwords advertising.

4. Pay per click advertising is ideal for short-term advertising campaigns allowing organizations to change the copy of ads, as desired to reflect keyword changes.

There are concerns with Facebook’s PPC; for example it is said that Facebook tends to have a very low CTR (Click through Rate). Also, while Facebook may let for more targeted niches, it is not a search engine and doesn’t have the volume that Google has. So, although Facebook gives you the capability to better reach those buying your products or services, Google allows for a wider audience and a larger number of prospects.

However, Facebook ads are rapidly gaining in popularity, and appear to be a very helpful tool for small to medium businesses attempting to increase traffic with PPC.

The only way to choose the right campaign for your business is to try the both and measure the results over a defined period of time.

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