Top 5 Essential Free SEO Tools to Analyze Your Website

The one thing that pisses me off instantly is a sudden Google algorithm update that leaves SEO marketers feeling equal parts confused and concerned. It’s like they wait for you to get all of your ducks in a row and then immediately unleash an update that changes everything in a jiffy.

Although each algorithm tweak brings us one step closer to the most pertinent search results, working all over again from scratch to get on top is a bit pain.

1. Google Webmaster Tools
2. SEO Report Card
3. Moz Pro Tools
4. WooRank
5. HubSopt’s Website Grader

The Google’s search engine is mainly characterized by the fact that they want search engine users to acquire the most exact results for searches submitted in the fastest time possible.

However you can still evaluate a website and determine which sites to show for which search queries with a plethora of tools that are available online.

Google Webmaster Tools:


Google Webmaster Tools explains the fundamentals of google search and helps you to identify issues with your site. It even lets you know if your site has been infected with malware.

And the catch is? It’s absolutely free. If you don’t have a Google Webmaster Tools account, then you need to go get one now.

One of the great feature of Google Webmaster Tools is PageSpeed Insights. PageSpeed Insights evaluates the performance of a page for mobile and desktop devices. It fetches the url twice, once with a mobile user-agent, and once with a desktop user-agent.


It also measure how a page can improve its performance based like below:

▸ Time to Above-The-Fold Load, and
▸ Fix Website Errors
▸ Server Error Fixing
▸ Internal Link Counts
▸ Malware Reports
▸ Crawl Stats
▸ Speed Issues
▸ Meta Tag Issue

However, the page performance depends upon the network connection. PageSpeed Insights only considers the network-independent aspects of page performance.

SEO Report Card:



SEO Report card by Up City analyses your site for FREE and gives you a detailed report on how it ranks versus your competitors.

SEO Report Card tool enables agency partners to provide potential clients with a mutually beneficial experience, educating them on the current SEO health of their site while collecting qualified prospect information that allow you to conduct a well-informed follow-up.


SEO Report Card will serve up a report that covers the following:

▸ Rank Analysis
▸ Link Building
▸ On-site Analysis
▸ Website Accessibility
▸ Trust Metrics
▸ Current Indexing

The prime feature of this tool is that, it actually gives you an embed code which allows you to add it directly to your site. It is a Great lead generation tool. It can even capture leads which can be then saved on your dashboard.

Moz Pro Tools:



If you are keen on improving your ranking and search engine visibility then Moz Pro SEO toolset is all that you need. Moz Pro gives you the highest quality data to do your job.

You can save a whopping time and can streamline your workflow with the complete Moz Pro toolset.

The Moz tool helps to break down the data so you can focus on adapting strategy for results.


Some of the Fascinating Features of Moz Pro tool set are:

▸ SEO Audit & Crawl
▸ Keyword Research
▸ Website errors
▸ Backlink Research
▸ Rank Tracking
▸ SEO Tool Bar
▸ Live report
▸ Dali Keywords Analysis ( Position Monitoring )

Website errors? Competitive research? SEO opportunities? Be it anything, Moz Pro software finds them and gives you actionable insights.




Help Your Website Climb The Google Ladder

WooRank helps in analyzing and optimizing unlimited websites ranging from performance of existing SEO initiatives, social media, usability, and more.

This tool lets you discover which keywords your competitors are targeting and helps you to adapt to a strategy with WooRank Competitive Analysis tool. You can also get an immediate overview of what your competitors are up to!

Each report is unique and it is divided into eight sections:

Marketing Checklist

▸ Mobile
▸ Usability
▸ Technologies
▸ Social
▸ Local
▸ Visitors

Track your keywords and SEO performance!

You can track keyword positions, SERPs, historical performance, monthly search volume and competitor rankings with Keyword Tool.

Crawl every nook and cranny of your website’s technical SEO!

Delve deep with Site Crawler to check content issues and technical SEO problems with your website.

Woorank makes it easy for users to download their reviews as branded PDFs. This makes company-wide distribution and presentation more streamlined than ever before.

HubSpot’s Website Grader



The tool was initially created as a way to generate buzz, organic/viral traffic, inbound links and leads for HubSpot’s inbound marketing software, thus creating a useful tool for the sales process.

They recently released a new and improved version of the tool. The HubSpot Website Grader is a free online tool that grades your site against key metrics like performance, mobile readiness, SEO, and security.

It also provides some basic advice on how the website can be improved from a marketing perspective and helps people understand how their site is faring against their competition.


Website Grader is an online tool that generates personalized reports based on the following key metrics:


The tool looks into your website’s page size, requests, speed, and much more.

Mobile Readiness:

This tool checks whether you site is device-friendly in terms of responsiveness and viewport settings.


It determines if your website is easy to find by both humans and bots. This determination will take factors like page title, meta tags and descriptions into consideration.


They look for things like SSL certificate. This serves as a way to prove to visitors that your site is both authentic and safe for contact information submissions.

Apart from Website Grader, HubSpot also has a handful of paid SEO tools to help you better direct your efforts.

Wrap Up:

Give the much needed shape to your website by understanding the art of web SEO. Getting to the top of search engine involves consistent action, long-term dedication and a killer keyword research. Use these tools to analyse your site and start climbing the search engine ladder from now on.

If you are using any other SEO tools other than the one mentioned in this post, Let us know in the comments section below 🙂

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