Tips To Create Mouse in Photoshop

  • Double click the “mouse base” layer and select gradient overlay layer style. Edit gradient color stops.
  • Go to the “tracks” layer and reduce it opacity to 85%.
  • Go back to “mouse base” layer to apply drop shadow to cast shadow through the direction of light.
  • Create new layer “background” and fill with paint bucket tool. Apply gradient overlay layer style.
  • Underneath the “mouse base” layer and create new layer shadow. Select the rounded rectangle tool and on the option bar choose fill pixels. Set its radius to 35px and draw a considerable large triangle.
  • Press Ctrl+T to enter free transform mode, rotate and distort the rectangle and position it below the mouse. Press enter after finishing it.
  • Go to Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur and set the Blur radius to 45px.
  • On the mouse base layer, right click the layer to duplicate it and on the mouse base copy click “F” icon arrow to reveal the effect for the layer. Click ‘eye’ next to effects to disable the layer styles. Go to Filter-Noise-Add Noise. Disable the layer styles to make the filter effects visible when they are applied.

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