How to Create Navigation for a Website

Navigation is one of the most important aspects for website designing. It does not matters how good a site looks, but it matters how much useful information it provides. A simple, logical, understandable navigation structure can increase the number of page impressions, boost return visits and improve the conversion rate. A website is simply an access for the user to know more information about different webpage created and it can be made more familiar using navigation. A bad navigation structure will make the user confused, trapped and frustrated. While designing a website, first decide the navigation structure which consists of quality page levels. Drop down menus with more options will make the navigation bar messy and the drop down menu should not go deeper than the three levels. After certain point, if more navigation is to be added, provide it on the relevant landing page.

Basic rules to create navigation

  • Navigation should always show the deep levels of the site content and it should further reflect the logical order of the information and its relative importance. In other words, navigation is the outline of the site.
  • If two set of navigation is there for a site, the webmaster can provide basic navigation in both the places which ensure that the user will find what they need.
  • If the website is bigger and more information is to be conveyed through navigation, then a complex navigation structure should be created.
  • Don’t confuse the user – it means that if the user enters into the webpage and looking for something in the website, they should be directed in a proper way to reach the exact web page. It can be possible only through proper navigation scheme. So always, build the exact navigation structure for a site.
  • The navigation structure should contain maximum of two or three levels. Deeper inner links will destroy the quality of the navigation structure. So try to maximize the levels within two or three.

The site navigation should have to be designed in a way that the content is clearly accessible from the home page. As a user, they always prefer to access the web page in the top levels.

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