Ideas to Get Organic Link Building for Websites

Promoting the corporate website is not an easy job. Self promotion via forums and blog comments is often considered as spam and many website owners avoid such process. As we know, inbound links are important for getting top listed in search engines like Google, yahoo and msn, think what should be done to get high quality links. Search your browsers and find the solution.

To get inbound links, content is most required. Content regarding product and other services will easily reach the users quickly. Start writing unique contents.

Things to do

  • If you own a website, create a blog. Blogs plays an important role and make your blog to be the part of your website.
  • Create unique or fresh content related to your products or services. Hire a content writer / copywriter, if you find difficult to write.

Write blogs frequently
If people have blog, they write most of the articles about the company news, products and services. Keep writing. But writing content other than that will also create more visitors to your blog. For example, if your blog is about web hosting, provide information related to web hosting services and also about information related to websites, search engines and even more.

Write content for 3rd party websites
You can write articles about your blog, and websites or networks like, allows you to add yours articles. It is possible to get link in the article for your site.

Promote articles via social networks
Your articles or blog posting can be promoted via social networks. Today, social networks play an important role and every individual shows an active participation in it. Post your article links to twitter or facebook, it helps more to know about your blog. Also try in digg or delicious.

Get links from customer or partners
Ask web partners a link from their websites. You can start with the sites where you buy product or services. Natural links from high quality pagerank website is always welcomed by search engines. Also, competitor’s websites can be tried.

Offer freebies
Mention about any sort of freebies in your blog. Provide free gadgets, e-book or services about some of your blogs. Be creative and get many free links.

Submit press releases
Write press releases about the site’s most important news, products and services. Submit the press release in the press release submission services. There are websites offering free and paid services. This way helps you to reach many people.

Product review
Search related websites or blogs, you can find reviews for the product or services. Create review and rating system, it greatly publicizes your site. You can also post reviews and get links.

Create second blog
If you are capable of creating unique content or articles, start a second website or blog. Host the website by different web host and built links from different section to your site.

Reciprocal and paid links are against the policies of Google webmaster guidelines. Exchanging links is not prohibited, but don’t do too much.

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