Simple Ways to Maximize PPC Impressions

Although, if you have unlimited budget to spend on paid search, you may not get more number of ad impressions you want. This is because, money does not matter always and you are not the only advertisers in the world. Search engines try to show everyone’s ads.

Improve ad quality – Ad quality is a quality score which is about click through rate (CTR) and choosing the right keywords. Create granular ad groups, write and test good ads, says carter.

Accelerated ad delivery – Using the AdWords option found in Campaign Settings, helps to increase the daily impressions, he reports. For more info, see Adwords help ad delivery option.

Adjust regional targeting parameters – Geotargeting limits impressions; relax parameters or create complimentary campaigns for other geotargets and then optimize your spend, carter advises.

You may increase the ad impressions by changing the strategies and maximizing the budget.

Ways to Maximize your PPC Impressions

It’s exciting to have a client with unlimited budget. Limited impression share is a big one for aggressive advertisers. Generally in PPC, we get best return for a limited budget. But, if you have a client with the goal to dominate the market and get as much profit as possible by spending more money, then you have to face the problem of limited PPC impressions.

If you haven’t struggled to get more impressions before, some points for you.

  • Budgeting more will not guarantees your ad shows 100% of the time
  • Only one ad per account can show any one keyword
  • Adwords double serving policy is fairly clear, but they reserve final judgment on case by case basis.

Maximizing Spend Does Not Get You All the Impressions

It’s strange for the clients that “though more amounts are spent and they are not showing our ads every time when anyone in the world searches for our keywords”. Money does not matter always and you are not the only advertisers in the world. Search engines try to show everyone’s ads.

There are some ways to maximize the impression share,

Ad Quality – Ad quality is a quality score in respect of the CTR (click through rate) of keywords and matched ad. Create granular ad groups, write and test good ads. It is a number assigned for paid advertisement to determine the advertisement’s rank on search engine results page. Minimum bid, ad position, keyword targeted ad’s eligibility and whether the ad appears on the page or not are the four different parts formulated in a quality score. The higher the advertisement quality score, the lower the keyword bid price.

Accelerated Ad Delivery – It is an option found in campaign settings. Adwords doesn’t guarantee you that you get all your impressions, if standard delivery rate is used. The accelerate increases the possibility spent on the daily budget every day.

Increase Bid – It is one of the contributing factors in ad position. Increase your bid, you get more impressions.

Modify keyword match – Lengthy keywords generate more impressions than phrase. Broad keywords are not that much risky, if you use negative keywords. Advertisers looking for market dominance will not consider the realities of expanding broad match.

Modify regional or placement targeting parameters – Though query parsing may make your ads available beyond geotargeting, the geotargeting will definitely limits the impressions. Create complimentary operations for other geotargets and then optimize.

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