The 3 Most Important Platforms Of Content Management System

A content management system is essential for you to set up a blog or portal for your business purpose. The most commonly used CMS (content management system) platforms are:

Content management system

• Joomla

• WordPress

• Drupal

These platforms offer a wide range of options to users and developers and are all based on PHP and MySQL.


drupal service


Drupal is considered to be the most complex platform of all due to its installation and usage complexity, but it’s not true anymore. You can download Drupal from online

• Download the files from the website

• Unzip the files

• Place the contents in the root folder of your webserver

• Access the root folder from your browser

Create a database for Drupal and have database username and password ready for installation. Drupal offers essential features in a basic user interface (UI). You can add and manage contents once you log into the Drupal website. You can upgrade Drupal manually, backup old files and data, extract the latest Drupal package, replace the old files except the sites folder , you have to do this carefully if anything goes wrong there are high chances of losing your website altogether.

It is extremely easy to maintain Drupal website, as these websites are created quite flexible allowing the users to make all the necessary changes as and when required, although it’s one of the easiest Content Management systems in the market, Drupal does not require the user to have any type of technical knowledge in order to make use of this CMS.


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Just like Drupal Joomla needs database name for installing it. Joomla provides few extra options during its installation the rest of the installation process is similar to Drupal. Joomla official website lists 7437 plugins. Joomla has more themes when compared to Drupal. Joomla website is quite difficult to understand as it has a lot of menus it is little tricky to understand what’s what. Joomla offers fine-tuned control over the website and without looking at their configuration it may be difficult to understand their use. Joomla is highly supportive when it comes to multiple languages. The technology is based on PHP and MySQL and it also has features like the RSS, printable pages, developer, banners and modules, this software is free of any cost and is of open source in nature.


wordpress development


WordPress is the easiest of all the three CMS platform. WordPress was only for blogging purpose, but it turned out to be useful for content management system and so much more through the thousands of plug-ins and widgets and themes as well, WordPress is free software, it is found to enhance the typography of everyday writing, and it’s one of the largest self-hosted blogging tools in the world,

WordPress stands apart from rest of its competitor are its variation and the uniqueness that it offers. WordPress is a software where you can create your own website or blog that’s extremely beautiful.

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