An Intro to Microsoft Word 2010 Web Version

As per the feedbacks of the users, Microsoft office has created the browser version of MS Word. Microsoft calls this version as “Document Fidelity”. The browser version document retains the same look and feel as in the desktop. It has ribbon user interface that enables you to change fonts, size, formatting, styles etc.

The updated desktop version has collaborative features, so that multiple users can edit the document at once. The web version does not have this collaboration.

When two people are editing the same document at the same time, word will inform each user when changes are to be synced with the document. Even the Copy/Paste function of desktop version has upgraded where live preview of paste function can be seen. It has an advanced option to create and insert screenshots. Visual navigation pane and section header breakdown makes easy to jump around different sections of a document.

Benefits of Microsoft Word 2010

Improved search & navigation pane
Word 2010 is easier and faster to locate information you need. Using the new and improved find experience, you can view the summary of the search results in the single and click to access any individual results. The new navigation pane provides visual outline of the document. It helps you to browse, sort and find the result quickly.

Co-authoring the docs
It redefines the way people can work together on a document. Using co-authoring, people can edit the docs and share ideas with others at the same time. Also, you can view the availability of other authors who are authoring the document with you and can easily initiate a conversation without leaving word.

Access & share docs from anywhere
Docs can be posted online and then you can access, view or edit them from any computer or your windows phone. In word 2010, an advantage of best-in-class document experience across multiple locations and devices can be taken.

Microsoft Word Web App – Edit documents via web browser, though you are away from your office, home and school without compromising your work.

Microsoft Word Mobile 2010 – Using an enhanced mobile version of word specifically suited to smartphone, any work can be done.

Add visual effects to text

Formatting effects such as shadow, bevel, glow and reflection to document text can easily be done. You can spell check the text using visual affects and add text effects to paragraph styles. Most of the effects used for images are also available for text and shapes, enabling you to coordinate the content.

Turn text into impressive diagrams
More options are offered by word to add visual impact to the document. Choose from additional SmartArt® graphics to built impressive diagrams just by typing a bulleted list. SmartArt helps to transform basic, bullet point text into compelling visuals.

Add visual impact
The new picture editing tools in word 2010 enables to add special picture effects without any additional photo editing software. Pictures can be easily adjusted using the color saturation and temperature controls. Improved tools helps to get easier, more precise cropping and image correction. It helps you to turn a simple document into work of art.

Recover work
When you work in the document for awhile and close it without saving is not a big problem in word 2010. Because, it helps you to recover the draft version of recently edited files.

Avoid communication barriers
Word allows you to work and communicate in different languages. Translate a word, phrase or document very easily or precisely. Set separate language settings for screen tips, help content and displays. Get additional assistance for English as second language using English text-to-speech playback.

Insert screenshots & handwriting in docs
Capture and insert screenshots directly from word 2010 to easily incorporate visual picture into work. Tablet enabled devices such as tablet PC or Wacom tablet are used, you get improved tools for formatting ink as easy as format shapes.

Enhanced user experience
Accessing the features is just matter in word 2010. The new Microsoft office backstage™ view replace traditional file menu to save, share, print and publish the documents. With the improved ribbon, you can access the favorite commands more quickly by customizing tabs or creating new to personalize the experience of work style.

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