A Brief Characteristics of Laravel PHP

PHP is one of the most favorite platforms for the clients and it has been used by the php web developers all around the world. According to the survey 82% of the web server uses PHP website because of the interactive features, great HTML and database integration support and easy to learn and re-correct it.

Laravel 5.1 Relaesed


Like any other programming language PHP also comes with the framework. Now I will explain about the latest framework laravel.

History of laravel


This is the open source framework created by taylor otwell the initial release was done 4 years before i.e it was released on june 3 2011. After this release the laravel was released in 5 versions and finally the stable release was happened on July 3 2015. Where it can receive long-term support (LTS), with planned availability of bug fixes for two years and security patches for three years

laravel 2015 framework


Laravel Syantax

class Idea extends Eloquent {


* Dreaming of something more?


* @with Laravel


public function create()


// Have a fresh start…


Laravel Features

Bundles – Provide modular packaging system

Eloquent ORM – Advanced implementation of active record pattern

Query Builder – Direct database access to the ORM

Application logic – Implemented using controllers

Features of laravel


Reverse routing – Relationship between link and routes

Restful controllers – Provide optional way for separating the logic behind HTTP GET Post

Class Auto Leading – Automated loading of PHP classes

View composer serve – Customizable logical code

Blade – Combines one or more template with data model

IOC Containers – New objects to be generated

Features of laravel


Migration – Version control system for database schemas

Automatic pagination – Simplifies the task of implementing pagination

Form request – Serve as the base for form input validation

If you implement the frameworks in your project it will be really useful for you to complete the project within the given time limit, hence forth you have come to a conclusion of using the frameworks in your project.

Client site work


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