Future Of eCommerce in 2018 and Beyond

Latest e-commerce trends happening in 2018:

Digital Marketing landscape is constantly shifting and if we want to truly boost the sales, there are some techniques which needs to be followed.

1. Focusing on Social media spend

2. Consumers Expect Deals and Promotions

3. Creating a Brand Awareness

4. Shifting to Younger Generations

5. Mobile Marketing to Drive In-Store Sales

We are going to list out some steps that specifies the profits of using e-commerce in coming years and they are as follows:

1. Shopping Natively

In an experiment we ran in 2017, we found that Facebook audience favored native video content 160x more than non-native content.

2. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality are gaining popularity in 2018. Eventually, it will become standard for companies to offer AR and VR options. Ultimately, these added benefits are worth the initial investment in new technology.

3. Automation and Chatbots for Online Ordering

More than 1 billion people are there on Facebook Messenger, so it makes sense to take advantage of chatbots for marketing, customer service, and sales.

4. Voice Search Compatibility

As Amazon Echo, Google Home and other voice-activated devices are growing invariably, voice search will become the preferred method of search in the coming years. 40% of people are already using voice search before making an online purchase.

5. Mobile Primary, Desktop Secondary

As mobile purchasing continues to grow, it’s important to create an e-commerce site that’s optimized for mobile.

6. ROPO (“Research Online, Purchase Offline”)

ROPO combines information from social media, mobile tracking/geolocation, mobile payments, in-store inventory, analytics tools, CRM systems and more, to figure out which ads and site pages led consumers to in-store purchases.

7. High-Quality Product Videos

A high-quality video addressing your product’s design and function is one of the best ways to sell your product. Your video can appeal to your consumer’s emotions, persuading them more convincingly than text.

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