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LinkedIn is one of today’s most dominant and fastest growing social media platforms when it comes to marketing and communication. With more than 660 million individual users, the platform has become a significant asset that ought to be used. .

The channel is beneficial for both businesses and individuals who want to become more visible online, whether it be for other businesses, customers or potential partners.

As the world has become “smaller” on the web, competition in the B2B market has increased, and it is important to find new ways to generate leads. When it comes to the B2B market, LinkedIn has the greatest impact.

Have An Optimized LinkedIn Profile

  • Whether you are promoting a company / organization or yourself on LinkedIn, it is important that you have an information-rich and optimized profile. The job is small, and it’s worth doing.
  • Always have your logo as a profile picture on a company profile, and a professional image of yourself on a private profile. Make sure the image file is in the correct size and good quality.
  • The banner on your profile / page can either be decorative or give visitors key information about your business. A good tip is to have a possible slogan there.
  • Write a good text that describes you or the company you are promoting.
  • Remember to add text in English or other relevant languages if you are targeting more markets than India.
  • Link three hashes to your page that you can share content on. These can also be changed afterwards.
  • Make sure the action buttons are customized to what you want visitors to your site to do.

Create A Presentation Page

Creating a presentation page is easy: Tap “work”, then “create a business page” and finally select “presentation page.” Now you’re done.

Introduced in late 2013, the presentation pages will help companies stand out and draw more attention to certain parts of their business. This is how you reach out to multiple segments of the market.

The pages are always linked to the main page and are meant to hit different audiences to make them click further into the business page. Just remember that you also have to keep these pages up to date with good content, and use the page to get the visits to the other presentation pages if you have more.

Make Use Of Your Employees

Taking advantage of the resources you already have is a good tip. Use company employees for what they’re worth, encourage them to optimize their LinkedIn profiles and ask them to link their profiles to the company profile.

If your employees share all the posts that are posted on the company site, possibly also the presentation pages, they will reach an even larger audience. Make it as easy as possible by sending out templates that can be used for sharing, as more will contribute.

Create Great Content

Be good at producing good content, preferably both text and video as video content more often leads to discussions and sharing than text does. If you have good quality original content, it will have a positive impact on the reputation of your business.

It is also easier to get picked up by Google’s algorithms so you show up high in searches that have something to do with your business. Just make sure the texts are search engine optimized.

Be Active

This applies to business pages and private profiles – be active, and take some time each week to share other people’s posts, participate in discussions or comment and like posts. This can result in the posts on your page getting more shares back, making you more visible.

You can also share content that starts discussions in your own network. It can be anything from news items that are relevant to your business, to a question you need answers to or a task for which you want input.

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