Lookout for these Design Trends in 2017

Web designing is a dynamic industry, so it is common to witness the trends oscillating now and then. Though the coding does remain unchanged, new queries and structures are often added. People in this industry are allowed to keep their minds open and just experiment their imagination. Whatever they do doesn’t matter, unless and until they retain their focus to provide better UX and UI experience to the users. This is the key to enable them to be recognized among the crowd. So, now let us go through the trends that are predicted to flourish in 2017.

Mobile First Everything Next:

Generally websites are designed for the larger devices first, in sense desktop designs are initially sketched out and later on for the smaller devices. But nowadays the vice versa is becoming common, mobile first approach is flourishing. This approach demands crisp and quality content only to be display in the smaller screens, thereby embellishes stuffing in more content into your website. On the other hand, in the desktop version the animations and images are scaled up and along with relevant information.

Add some Spark:

What is the color of your website? I am sure, most of the websites utilize some common color similar to blue, green, orange or red, so why restrict to this color set. So this 2017 go out of the box, by adapting some new color, right from your logo design to the website layout.


Animations if used efficiently you can provide your visitors with better UI and UX. Instead of just employing the common animations to enable your visitors to subscribe, use animation to bring in micro interactions with them. Make use of animations wherever necessary in your website and not everywhere.


Typography is a new powerful visual medium that is expected to creep in 2017. Today many brands are gradually adopting typography to appeal their customers. Over-sized, full hand rendered typography is expected to trend in the upcoming year.


Photography would always stay at the center of the stage regardless of the change in trends. But in 2017, one can expect authenticity to play with photography. Stock photography will literally disappear and many brands will start hiring professional photographers for the special click they want to be recognized in the crowd.

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