M-commerce: An efficient Way To Improve Your Business Online

We use mobile phones to make calls, send text messages and so on, but do you even now you can run a business through hand held devices? Yes you can and this is commonly called as M-Commerce, M-commerce is the process of buying and selling goods and services through handheld devices and PDA’s.

The rise of mobile commerce came after 2005, Though smart phones were in the market as early as 2001, they only went generic almost half a decade later, The first service providers of 3G technology was the European telecom giant in the namesake, 3G released a few handsets in the market with video conferencing and interactive media facilities.

Mobile shopping

M-commerce makes applications feasible via internet-enabled mobile devices, there are lots of new technologies, services and business models are involved in this process. Mobile websites are much needed in today’s world to take your business to a next level, if you own mobile website then you are more likely to attract mobile visitors.

“M-commerce will surpass wire line e-commerce as the method of choice for digital commerce transactions.”

m commerce


Your customers would love to carry out the same shopping experience through the mobile version of the website, these sites should be adaptable and highly responsive to all mobile devices, the same design methodology that you have implemented in the desktop version should be followed in mobile version keeping the mobile screen size in mind.

When customers find particular product on the desktop version of your website they will like to see the same products on the mobile version also, include the product specifications, quality and review details in the mobile website as well. You are more likely to have huge visitors to your mobile site than on normal desktop website, as every other individual you bump into have a mobile device with them.

mobile friendly

The process of checking out shouldn’t be too difficult for mobile users, don’t have any registrations compulsory before checking out, and make sure your customers are going through only few steps before checking out it should be simple, smooth and easy.

These M-Commerce sites reach more customers because any mobile is compatible instead of just the one the app was designed for, they can also be found easily, perhaps through the parent site, whereas apps must first be found and then downloaded from an app store. Overall, the m-commerce site is the better way to go for retailers.

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