Microsoft Outlook 2010 Advanced Version

Microsoft office outlook 2010 has ribbon user interface like word, PowerPoint and excel which offers premium business and personal email management tools to users. The users get the rich set of experience to meet the communication needs at work, home and school. The upgraded outlook looks like a message tree allowing users to have visual view of sent and incoming emails. Search functionality has been improved much easier to find content and emails. Outlook 2010 provides world class experience to enhance personal and business networks. From a redesigned look to advanced email organisation, search, communication and social networking features, the new Microsoft outlook 2010 offers excellent mail accessing facilities.

Manage multiple email accounts Microsoft outlook 2010 enables the user to manage email messages from multiple mailboxes. Synchronise multiple email accounts such as Hotmail, Gmail or any other provider to outlook 2010. The improved connectivity supports the use and management of multiple exchange server email accounts from any one location. Manage large volume of email Outlook 2010 conversation view has improved the tracking of email conversation, reducing information overload and manage large amount of email with ease. The entire conversation is condensed or categorised in a single click and the new conversation management tools enable the user to save valuable inbox space. Customise common task into single click command Create and save custom actions in a new way in outlook 2010. Users can save time by creating and defining multi-step task through single clicks including replay and delete, move to specific folder, create new email to assigned groups and even more. Make scheduling Users can conveniently and efficiently schedule the appointments, share calendar availability and manage the work schedule. Using email calendar feature, users can send mail to others about their schedules & appointments. The new schedule view provides horizontal display of multiple calendars and the new calendar management tools enables user to save frequently used groups of calendars. Search easily what you’re looking for The new outlook 2010 enables the user to search easily and sort high volume of data. The enhanced search tools enable the users to find and manage large quantities of email, calendar and contact items. Create email messages that capture attention Grab the reader’s attentions using compelling visuals like prebuilt SmartArt™ graphics, office themes and styles. Even inserting and formatting of screenshots can be made easily in outlook. Stay connected to your social and business networks It is a hub for friends, family and colleagues to be connected. Use outlook social connector to get additional information about people and other business circles. Send email to intended person For business users, sending unnecessary email messages out-of-the-office contact, accidentally replying to large distribution list or distributing confidential information outside the company are some of the frequent mistakes done. With the new Mail Tips feature, the user is alerted if they send email to large distribution list or to someone who are out of the office contact list. Receive voice mail preview in inbox With the new technology in exchange server 2010 and outlook 2010, a recorded voice message can be sent along with the voice mail recording directly to the inbox. Access the message virtually from anywhere using computer, Microsoft outlook mobile or Microsoft outlook web app. Initiate live conversation from outlook Using office communicator or instant messaging application of outlook 2010, the presence and status information can be provided for those on the contact list. Hover over the name and check their availability and then initiate a conversation directly through instant messaging. Using office communicator, user can start a voice call without leaving outlook. For more information about Microsoft Office 2010 Package, read

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