Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Web Version

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 has upgraded the new browser version along with slew of bells and whistles on desktop version. Users can edit video and images within the PowerPoint with a basic video editing tool, like the basic version of adobe Photoshop. Even the users can launch WebEx-like live sharing feature with other users. It offers more ways to create & share dynamic presentations with viewers and enables the user to work simultaneously with others or post presentation online and access from anywhere.

Visual impact to presentation

The new Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 offers new and improved picture editing features such as color saturation and temperature, brightness & contrast and advanced cropping tool with artistic filters such as blur, paintbrush and watercolor. Users can enhance sophisticated photo effect without using additional photo editing software programs.

Co-authoring the docs

PowerPoint 2010 is redefined in the way that people can work together on presentations. Using co-authoring, edit the presentation with individuals in different locations. Use office communicator or instant messaging application to view other authors using presentation.

Add personalized video experience

Video files can be directly embedded and edited in PowerPoint 2010. Easily trim the videos, bookmark key points, trigger animation to begin automatically. Apply variety of video styles and effects such as reflections, bevels, 3D rotation to easily attract the audience attention.

Broadcast just-in-time and tell

Broadcast the PowerPoint presentation to the web by sending a URL to people for viewing the presentation. Also, you can turn your presentation into a high quality video with narration to share with virtually anyone through email via web or DVD.

Access from different locations and more devices

Presentation can be uploaded to online and then access, view and edit them from web or windows phone. Users can schedule their process from any locations and devices.

Microsoft PowerPoint Web App – Enjoy the PowerPoint experience on web in full screen, high quality viewing. Store the presentations online and edit the work through the PowerPoint web app when you are away from home, office or college.

Microsoft PowerPoint Mobile 2010 – Immediate actions can be taken using the enhanced mobile version of PowerPoint and stay on the current file.

Create presentations using stunning graphics

Create the presentation using stunning graphics to enhance professional looking. Use layouts like SmartArtĀ® to create many types of graphics such as organization charts, lists and picture diagram. Transform words into impressive visuals by converting the text or images into diagram in just a few clicks.

New transitions & improved animations

PowerPoint 2010 offers new, dynamic slide transitions and animation effect to enhance creative graphics. Easy access, preview, apply, customize and replace animations can be made in the new version.

Organize and print slides

Easily organize and navigate the slides using slide sections and divide the presentation into logical slide groups. Users can rename, manage and easily print the section of slides.

Get things faster

The new Microsoft office backstage™ view replaces the traditional file menu to save, share, print and publish the presentation with just few clicks. Using the improved Ribbon, users can access the favorite commands, customize tab and create own personalize experience in the work style.

Work on multiple presentations & monitors

It offers completely separate window for each presentation. Users can view and edit multiple presentations separately side by side even on separate monitors.

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