Define Website Wireframes and Its Uses

Website wireframe is a basic visual guide used in interface design to configure the structure of the website and its interaction between the pages. It is an illustration of the layouts of the fundamental elements in the interface and is accomplished before any artwork is developed. Website wireframe is a collection of cross linked web pages that represents the navigational ideas and page substance.

Uses of website wireframes

  • Creating a set of wireframes for the project acts as a way to communicate with the clients and stakeholders like content creators and developers.
  • It allows development of variations in the layouts to maintain design consistency throughout the website and it is an important part of the initial development stage. It creates user expectations and helps to develop familiarity with the site.
  • Wireframes allows advancement of layout changes to continue stability throughout the website.
  • It ranges from simple structural drawings of the website to high fidelity simulation of the navigation with movements, functional links and complex interactions.
  • Wireframe is an essential tool for being utilized in web development and designing. It projects operations, structure, content and substance of the web page.
  • It splits the graphic components of the website from functional or operating elements to make users to easily interact with the site.
  • Website wireframes defines the positioning of global & secondary level navigations in the prominent and spontaneous positions.

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