Mobile App Development – A Modernized Methodology in 2020

As a Top mobile app development company in India, our mobile application development depends on several factors such as technology selection, strategy, communication, design, development and integration with external solutions.

We know that every customer is unique and we want to strive for individual, innovative and feasible projects according to your budget. With us we develop everything from consumer apps, internal business apps and store apps etc.


We design and develop individual iOS, Android, HTML5, native and hybrid apps for smartphones and tablets. We’re one among the best mobile app development company in india, we have very high quality standards, which can be recognized from the backend to the app design.

We divide the development process into 5 main phases, where each phase is part delivery.


Idea and Concept

Before we can give you a good and proper offer, we need to know a part about the project you want to get developed. We therefore always start with a nice working meeting over a cup of coffee. Then we need a pre-project to prepare the necessary materials such as requirement specification, design sketches and interactive prototype, so that we can give you a fixed price for developing your app.


Mobile App – UI / UX Design

In this phase, we design the user interface of the app as clean and user-friendly as possible. We always follow Apple’s Apple Human Interface Guidelines to ensure that the app is approved by Apple before launching. Here we also design the Android, IOS Apps and web Design solutions too.


Mobile App Development

Now your project is ready to move on to the actual development phase, which is divided into several smaller milestones with test versions. Here we develop both web systems, iOS and Android app according to the specification, prototype and design that were prepared in the earlier phases. We develop iOS apps in Swift, flutter and Android in Java (Native app). Which gives you good quality apps with little need for bug fixes in the future.


QA Testing

We have chosen to call this phase the Testing Phase. Here there is room for fine adjustments in both design and functionality, so that the results of the project are as good as possible before the apps can be launched in the market. The testing is the quality assurance (QA) of your app itself.



Finally, everything is ready to launch your app in the Apple App Store and Google Play, along with any web solutions, backend systems and your app adventure can begin. After the app is launched, we offer setup of marketing activities and further operation of the solution.

Our Web and Mobile App Development Team is always best support to build your website in advanced level to grow up your business plan. Contact us or call to 96000 8844/ 98401 90624


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