Online Business Survival Tips During Recession

Meta Data
Once all contents are updated in the webpage, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing will reindex the web page. At the first, search engines look for header and Meta data in a web page. Every web page should have individual Meta data like title tag, description, keywords and so on. Meta data plays a major role in SERP and it makes the website more users friendly.

Add keywords in titles and description considering your targeted audience. Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools and add the validation tag or file in your website. It helps the webmaster to submit sitemaps and view crawl errors, keyword density and popular search queries. Even the webmaster can sign up for other search engines like yahoo Site Explorer, Bing webmaster central and son on.

Common Queries
Identify the common questions and issues raised for your website. Why people are asking these questions, it’s because they can’t able to find information on website or they are expecting more from us or navigation error or contact issue. Analyzing the above issues helps the client to improve its site navigation, information and user friendliness.

On-Site Search
Similarly, look at the recurring searches for the website. On-site search navigation should be created in such a way that it is easily identified by the end users. Google estimates that on average, 40% of end-users navigate the website by on site searches.

The age of the website can easily be identified based upon its presentations & customer influence over the website. For e.g. the usage of book can be judged by its cover, its overlook and so on. Make clear what your visitors are looking for, whether to buy a product, looking for your service etc. Learn some tips and tricks to reassess the presentation. Change the typography and reduced broken links to improve readability.

Page loading decides the increasing volume of end users for a website. If a website loads very slowly, it discourages the end users and they may navigate from the website to another website or webpage. It is a major factor in major search engine algorithms, especially Google, Yahoo and Bing which may affect your rankings in results.

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