Cake PHP – The Best Open Source Framework.

It’s an open source web application framework. Cake PHP is the most popular framework which saves your time during coding and subsequently your money. It follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach and is written in PHP, it minimizes architectural headaches and employs many features from Ruby On Rails.

Cake PHP allows web development companies to design websites in an efficient and robust manner by using simple procedures, new versions of PHP has gained incremental advances.


It allows developers to create dexterous and agile applications without spending their much of time and efforts. Cake PHP MVC framework and development is based on the business logic of the data layer separation.

Cake PHP MVC Framework Features Include:

Like Rails, Cake PHP makes it easier to interface with the active record pattern database.

cakePHP frmamework

– Compatible with PHP4 and PHP5

– Code generation in the tank

– Request Dispatcher Custom URL

– Data Sanitation

– Security, session, application and analysis of components

– Access control lists

– Request for scaffolding

– A strong community of users

– Built-in database CRUD

– Simplify the query

– Web directory of independent

– Built-in validation

– Core Code Development Activity

By Using Cake PHP it’s easy to distinguish business logic from data and design, it joins elements of object oriented programming that supports object relational mapping technique.

php frameworks

There are several PHP Frameworks available in the market like Zend, CodeIgniter, Smarty, Symfony, Akelos, and Yii and so on, However cake PHP has gained a major insight as it includes innovative features and high-performance, the newer version comes with many new features and additions which are very useful for web developers working on PHP.

Cake PHP comes with CRUD technology, where data in the form of tables can be stored easily that featured as classes. This open source PHP framework offers you lots of facilitates like

-> Easy management of data

-> Updating various entities in the system

-> Enhanced Debugging

-> Quick and Effective Testing

cake php development

Whether you want to start with a fresh web project or optimize an existing application, you can use the new updated framework to do the job. Using Cake PHP developers don’t have to spend maximum time on coding and they can easily concentrate on creative part of the project.

Cake PHP has been one of the most popular and favorite open source PHP web application framework for PHP web developers all over the world.

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