Tips to Write Successful PPC Advertisement Campaign

The most significant component for the success of PPC online advertising is that writing a high quality descriptive advertisement in-order to increase the click through rate (CTR) and the turning those visitors into customers. In PPC, the main purpose of writing cache advertisement is to attract the viewer’s attentions as much as possible.

Write for targeted audience
Before writing an advertisement, the person should consider the basic fact “for what reason an advertisement is written”. The main purpose of writing an advertisement is to directly reach the targeted audience.

  • Identify the small group of people
  • Have a detailed research and understand the people in the market

Identify the benefits rather than features of the product
It’s better to understand the benefits of the products and services rather than disclosing the features of the product. It’s proved that benefits can lead your sales, rather than its features. It means benefits can sell your products to the customers whereas features can only tell about it.

  • List out all the possible benefits of the product and highlight in the advertisement.

Insert keywords in the advertisement
If targeted keywords are inserted into the advertisement, an enhancement for increase in the click through rate will be made. Using those keywords, it’s easier to grab the viewer’s attention.

  • Insert the keywords in the first line of advertisement in PPC

Include a strong “Call to Action” Phrase
Another important tip for being successful in PPC online advertising is to include strong call to action phrase in the advertisement. For e.g, Register now, Click here, Visit here, Sign Up and even more.

Use relevant display URLs
It’s better to include relevant display URLs in the advertisement. If relevant active URLs are used, there are more chances for people to click through or visit your link. So, always use relevant and active URLs for advertisement.

  • Embed the keyword into the URL
  • Always use existing and active URLs

Make sure proper grammar and spellings are used
Make sure always that proper grammar and spellings are used in the advertisement. If an advertisement displayed with grammar and spelling errors, it won’t look professional. Review and ensure the advertisement properly, before submitting it.

Ensure that it’s easy to understand
An advertisement should be easy to understand and straight forward. To write a successful advertisement, the person should keep this main factor in mind. It should be short, clear and direct to the point.

  • At first, you try to understand the product or service, before starting to write ads
  • Make sure it is clear, precise, complete and direct

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