Real Time Mobile Apps for Enterprises

With the advent of mobile technology, the world of digital has been shaped and moved to the next vertical. Most of the organizations have taken their business to Mobile Sites, which in turn made them reach millions of potential customers across the world. Similarly, Mobile Applications have extremely simplified our day to day life and kept us connected to the world.

Though Mobile applications were initially availed to check out email, calendar, contacts and weather reports, with ever growing technology mobile apps were developed in diverse categories for various constructive purposes. Apart from entertainment, games and education it also serves for life style, online shopping, social networking, location based services, banking, etc. And presently, many intelligent apps are being introduced for iPad and Tablets that works on real-time, especially for business purposes and enterprise functionalities.


Being prominent web solutions providers over a decade, we at BlazeDream also provides mobile applications in varied domains on windows, iOS and Android platforms. With wide knowledge and years of experience, we’ve developed numerous applications that assist the end users in their routine life such as Contacts Backup, Speed Dial App and Brain Memory App that are made available in Windows Store.



We have delivered very many productive apps to the clients across the globe from diverse fields. Currently, our experts have delivered Real Time Enterprise Mobile Applications to the clients exclusively for iPad and Android Tablets.


Real time enterprise app assists the employees working on-site to report their higher officials or managers. Our advanced apps can be customized such that it perfectly suits the client’s requirements in all means. Our real time iPad forms for business let the users to collect, create, edit and share the details of the events happening on-site. With this real time business forms, any specific requirements of the concern can be get done such as having business surveys/ polls, tracking the sales order, instant onsite report generation and so on.


We’ve also developed Smart Form Apps for iPad and Android Tablets where the employees working on-site can notify their check in and check out time from the work location along with attachments on multiple file formats (Excel, PDF, images, videos, etc.). These mobile applications are exclusive for door to door service, marketing and logistics businesses. Enterprise based apps designed by our team carries best in class navigation, user friendly features, exceptional designs that works other than advanced functionalities.


Apart from real time and smart forms, apps for route tracking by integrated map, apps to develop professional skill, apps to share the confidential documents are some of our extraordinary works. Do contact us for customized mobile apps that fit your business needs.

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