How to boost your pages from zero to one!

What: Better to be found on Google.

Why: More relevant traffic on the website increases success. For example, more readers, more leads, more publicity, more donations, more applicants, more inquiries, more sales, more reach, etc.

How: With over 18 years of SEO experience, our professionals have seen many successful factors come and go. Using keyword domains, link networks, or tagging Google Maps business listings, they have put websites in first place almost overnight. Meanwhile, these tricks and many other factors are long outdated. Nevertheless, many outdated concepts haunt the net.

The Web offers a flood of information about search engine optimization. Tools, Services, Forums, Guides. The data sea seems deep and impenetrable – one of 10 ideas has value. Under one hundred suggested tactics, there may be a really good, functional, and applicable one.

The Google algorithm evolves almost faster than the factors can be discovered, described, and publicized. With enormous computing power (server hosts) Google makes decisions about the prosperity or corruption of a website that can no longer be described using a few simple formulas. Partly the observations contradict the expectation.

Some of the Negative ranking factors are

  • Total number of unnatural links to the page / subdomain

  • Duplicate Content

  • Content of the page is thin

  • Amount of over-optimized anchor text for the page

  • Not mobile friendly (for mobile SERPs)

  • Keyword stuffing in the document (keyword stuffing)

  • Page refers to SPAM

  • Page has relatively low search satisfaction

  • Slow page speed (Page Speed)

  • Page has relatively low engagement / user metrics

  • Total amount of advertising on the page

  • Page refers to a high number of 404 pages

  • Resources of the page (CSS / JS) are blocked by robots.txt

  • Total number of invalidated links from one page and / or subdomain (disavowed)

  • Page contains a duplicate title tag

  • Not mobile friendly (for desktop SERPs)

  • Page contains a double meta description

One of the simplest and most useful ways to get new insights are

  • Search for the keyword where you want to find (better)

  • Look at the pages behind the first ten hits and find out what they do better than you (find patterns, similarities, abnormalities, new ideas or just the unusual)

  • Decide which tactics make sense and can be implemented

  • Apply this to your own page / website

(If your site is already in the top ten, check out the first 10 pages anyway, because even someone who is just behind you does something really right!)

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