Get started With Google Analytics

Have you ever wondered about your website’s visitors? Have you ever thought where do they come from? And what they do in your website? You can find answers for all such questions by Google’s comprehensive website analytics service that provides detailed statistics about the people who visit your website.


The following are the amazing features offered by Google:


You can see the logs and reports of every other page within few seconds and also you can gain insight about statistics of the people who are on your website at the current moment, starting from how they landed on your website to where they are on your website. You can also know your visitor’s location using Google analytics.


Advanced Segments:

You can entirely isolate the group in your website by picking out a subset of your website’s traffic, such as customers or new visitors. You can also compare the group with another portion of your website traffic.


Content Experiments:

Be your own kind, create a different genre of a web page and check on which page is more successful in getting your valid visitors to perform a predefined action.blazedream-google-content-experiments

Ecommerce Tracking:

You can identify your websites effectiveness by having a regular check on your tracking code. You can also get know what made your customers to purchase a product from your website, by doing marketing campaigns you can identify a top selling products.


Flow Visualization:

This chart helps you to know the path through which your visitors diverted from your website. This is very much useful to know where your visitors leave your website during a path toward a potential conversion.


Adwords and Ad Sense Integration:

Whether you have pay-per-click ads for your website with Google or ads on your website by Google, your Google analytics reports can include statistics from these components.Return on Investment can be improved or increased by using Google Analytics, statistics are not worthy unless they are implemented to your business, the tool allows you to monitor marketing campaigns and track metrics, such as revenue.

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