5 Ways to Optimize Your Website for Local Traffic

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing the site to rank better for certain keywords in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn. Most of the web developers look for this online marketing strategy and if your site is not optimized for keywords, then you would be missing out the gold mine of business opportunities.

The problem is, most of the search engine optimizer does not differentiate the keywords or key phrases which is competitive or non-competitive. Non-competitive keywords can easily be ranked in search engines by initiating little effort. But competitive keywords are highly tough and more SEO efforts are required to be initiated. At first, differentiate which keyword is highly competitive and which keyword has high traffic and more search results.

Local Search Engine Optimization Tips
1. Keyword Research
Before starting off the search engine optimization for a website, first do some keywords research for the site. Lot of local traffic terms are available and they are shown in Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Free keyword tools are offered by many SEO Moz. Create a list of keywords and organize them into related groups and then create pages for each group.

2. Page Title Optimization
Page title optimization or title tag optimization is one of the simplest ways to optimize the site. The meta title tag should include head section of your site code. It’s better to include keywords or key phrases at the start of the page title and try to compress within 60 characters and make it easy to read. It’s good to include your business name or brand name in meta title tag for effective optimization purpose.

3. Meta Description Optimization
Meta description also has an impact on keyword ranking. It is important for getting people to click the listing in search engines ranked for a keyword. Page title and page description are the two pieces of content that shows up the site, if people search for a keyword. If these two Meta tags are optimized properly for search engines and end users, then it is sure that you find better searches and traffic for a site.

4. Unique Content
Content is the King for a website. It’s important to have unique content for a website. Content dominates the whole website and if effective content is optimized for the targeted keywords, the website will be definitely ranked for top searches. If 10 pages are created with unique content for targeted keywords, then each page should have a paragraph with some of the targeted keywords mixed in and should include some titles and sub titles to break up the text.

5. SEO Friendly Site Structure
Structure of the site is another essential tool needed for a website which makes it more search engine friendly. If search engines does not crawl your website and its content, then your site won’t be get listed in major search engines. Clear navigation with correct HTML links, enlightened sitemap should be their. Also the sitemap should be submitted to Google directly using Google webmaster tools. If you have bunch of pages created for targeted keywords, you can simply add a link in the footer or it can be indexed via sitemap.

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