Simple Design Elements A Blog Should Have

RSS/E-mail Subscribe
RSS/Email Subscribe is one of the key elements required necessarily for a blog to build readership option easily. Give access to users the option of subscribing your blog by RSS or Email. Make it prominent on the header, footer and sidebar for each individual page.

Custom Header
Header section is the important section of the blog. Make your blog header stand out with excellent designs, logos and menus. Be unique and make your competitors apart from your web design.

Things to Include:

  • Logo
  • Navigation
  • RSS/Twitter Stats
  • Email Subscribe Option
  • Search Functionality
  • Social Networking Icons

Navigation is the main element for any website. A website should be designed with proper navigation structure. There should be a clear user interface for the user to make them easily accessing the web pages and navigate each & every page of the web.

Comments, the major reason why the blogs, news are so popular. There should be a comment section in every blog which provides ability for the user to interact and know the daily updates of the blog. Give the user multiple options such as guest, Register/login and sign-up through any of social networking sites.

Social Networking Icons
Users usually look for quality content as they are in need of information or quality search. If it is not easy to share, it will be much harder to build a readership to the blog. Using social networking icons in blogs, individual pages and RSS feed allows the user to easily share content/product with friends and social community members.

Standard Graphic Sizes
There should be a standard graphic size for images on the blog. Depending on the layout of the blog and content space, design the images with certain max width. Make your images consistent and proper layout.

Sponsored Sidebar
Adding sponsored sidebar to blog is one of best practice used to promote the accessibility of blog. Every individual would like to monetize the blog with banners and sponsorship ad space.

Custom Footer
Next to header section of the blog, footer plays an important role in a blog. Create a custom footer at the bottom of the blog. Make it custom for every blog post made. It gives the opportunity to navigate inside the web pages and content posted previously. It’s a great way to do deep linking in the blog.

Things to Include:

  • Recent Posts
  • Archives
  • Popular Posts
  • Category Links
  • Sponsored Ads
  • RSS and Social Bookmarking Icons
  • Contact Info
  • Link to Us

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