The Indian software industry’s exports may grow by about 13% in fiscal year 2014 to $87 billion to offer a new business model SMAC

IT vendors will forecast $118 billion this year and $130 billion by 2015 and they will generate at least $225 million in SMAC related revenue in 2020

Social Media

SMAC adds a new and modern aspect to your business model. In this new era, this technology has become an intrinsic part of our life. The elevated and global attainability of information and its compatibility with diverse devices became an affordable option with cloud technology.

By integrating these together, it has changed the way businesses are looking to optimize and enhance the brand value.

Social media:

Social media strategy becomes necessary for all types of web designing and web development companies  India.
Nowadays, many people are using social media for everything such as what products to buy, where to go for shopping and even regarding what firms they want to work on with.

Most of the companies use social media for their customer services alone, but on the other hand, they use this for their sales and marketing functions.


Mobile devices are evolving very well in which the people access digital content. Smartphone’s and tablets have brought the rich digital contents to the fingertips of the consumers.

Everybody in this world is tremendously using the mobile devices for all purposes starting from browsing, comparing to buying products.

All enterprises are moving to the mobile technology, they ensure that their applications are mobile ready and easy to navigate.



Analytics help every industry to provide services directly to their citizens. Billions of data generated by the companies or the individuals have been analyzed properly and used in time, can appear as an unbeatable competitive advantage.

Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing focuses on so much by providing internet service. It furnishes an elaborate platform for sharing and saving all the details from anywhere in the globe.

If you have your applications and databases reachable through a cloud then it will be more convenient for you to access your company’s database almost everywhere as long as you have an internet connection.


SMAC technology is growing faster than any other in the recent times. It aids companies to move into high-margin businesses due to its global reach and high availability.

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