Tab Candy, Mozilla’s New Feature For Firefox

Mozilla has launched a new feature for their firefox web browser called “Tab Candy”. It’s a new user experience toward evolution of tabbed browsing which has been designed to make easier for users to go through all the open tabs through a visual experience.

Tab candy, the new way to organize browsing, to see all tabs at once and focus on the task at hands with keystroke. With one key press, it shows an overview of all tabs allowing the user to quickly locate and switch between them. Tab candy looks highly inspired by Mac OS X expose and spaces feature.

It is inspired by Mac OS X expose and spaces feature. It allows the user to group different tabs, so that the user can organize tabs for future access. The user can download the special build that comes with this feature integrated. The new mozilla’s tab candy project is led by the talented designer Aza Raskin who offers a simple and intuitive new twist on tab management allowing users to visually manage tabs by organizing them into spatial groups. It’s not a complete solution for tab overflow, but it’s a good step in the right direction.

Mozilla’s prerelease firefox 4 is enabled with this new tab candy feature. The preview version has been tested with a black square icon appearing in the tab bar. If the icon is clicked, the tab candy mode will be activated. The browser shows all the thumbnail view of the tabs in rectangles representing the groups. The user can drag the tab from one group to another or drag it out to the field to create a new group.

One more thing, Tab Candy is entirely made of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. There is no native code – just the open Web. That’s make the web more powerful.

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