Tips For Creating Websites On Mobile Devices

The mobile trend is growing all over the world and hence the number of people accessing websites in their mobile phones is increasingly rapidly. Here are some basic tips where a mobile application development India can give a much better user experience by following these guidelines:

Mobile Application Design and Development

Reduce the amount of content
It is not possible to bring in all the content your PC shows onto a mobile web page, where space is short and every pixel counts. It’s imperative to reduce the amount of content shown on the mobile-optimized version.

By removing low priority type of content you are also reducing the page size and load time, which is an important aspect of mobile page design.

Consider Single column layouts
When a page loads on a phone it is normally zoomed all the way out so that it all fits onto the screen. The screens on most of the phones are so small that the page cannot be read until it is zoomed in. This becomes annoying for the user visiting your website. For this users are forced to scroll both vertical and horizontal while reading.

Instead, you can create single column pages that use’s up the whole width of the screen. To add more contents on your webpage, you should expand downwards rather than across, as scrolling down is easier than scrolling across and users generally prefers it.

Reduce Your Navigation and User Input
In some phones, user finds it difficult to type. This is because it is not as fast as a traditional keyboard, and users are more likely to make mistakes. Hence few adjustments should be made to reduce the amount of input needed from the user.

Flash, Java, Frames and Pop Ups are not recommended
Most mobile devices do not support, Flash, Java Applets, frames and pop ups. Avoid these technologies when creating your mobile site.

Work on the number of sites needed
With the facility to detect device types it raises the question on whether or not to develop more than one mobile site. For example you can create a site for more modern Smartphone such as the iPhone and Android, and an even more reduced site for older, less capable phones. By this you can create an experience tailored to the user’s device.

Design for touch screen and non-touch screen users
In today’s mobile world, Internet usage over mobile device is contributed by Smartphone’s in countries including UK and USA. So, it’s important that you make your mobile site optimized for smart phones. These phones basically have large touch screens but may have a more traditional trackball, joystick or directional keys. Therefore, it’s essential to that your design is easy for both touch screen and non-touch screen users.

Use the Phones Built in Functionality to Your Advantage
This is where you can take benefit of viewing your site from a mobile phone. Phones can do things that PCs can’t, so use them whenever likely to improve your user’s experience. Some inbuilt functions which you can implement are: make phone numbers clickable to place a call, Give your users the ability to find you on a map, or find the nearest place to locate your product, etc., make use of special features such as QR or bar code scanning.

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