Tips for Designing Best Brochure

A brochure is as important as a business card, but with a difference that the brochure represent the company. Brochure designing, one of the effective marketing tools used to catch the attention of the customers in a quick way. Designing & customizing the brochure depends on its core business & the designer creativity and the message catered through the brochure should be catchy. Maintaining a professional approach on brochure is as important as maintaining the business.

Know Your Design Size
Know your design size; its one of the common error made by most of the web designers while designing a brochure & also one of the challenging effort of correcting the mistakes done in a web design.

Resolution is Key
Creating high resolution images for your web layout becomes a critical step in builds a professional brochure for your client. Resolution is a key for designing a brochure web design, but if you does not create a proper resolution, your images becomes bleared, come out and even pixilated.

Choose the Right Color, Images, Consistent Typefaces, White Space
Don’t bog down the brochure with lot of boring text, colors, images and inconsistent typefaces. Generous white spaces, photos, attention getting graphical elements like headlines and use of bold will keep your audience interested. Be consistent in using typefaces and sizes of headlines, body text and captions.

Be consistent in your use of typefaces and sizes for headlines, body text, and captions; size 14 or 16 for headlines, size 12 for text, and size 10 for captions.

Be Original & Creative
Be original & creative in designing brochure for your client. Carefully consider & recognize your business before designing a brochure for your client. Just design what you want to say & what the business is all about. Make sure that the brochure web design you have created whether in the form of text, images, graphical designs will convey your business to the customers.

Use Readable Fonts
Generally, when you create a brochure with large amount of text, its best to use font which is easier to read & understand.

A brochure is a part of your business identity; so create a brochure which creates your business identity.

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