Tips To Create Mouse in Photoshop

How to create mouse in photoshop? Are you interested to learn the key tools required to create mouse in photoshop. Tips to start your document…

  • Start a document with a dimension 800 by 900 pixels and a resolution of about 200 dpi. On the Tool bar, select the Pen tool (p) to create any shape desired with straighter and smooth lines. With the pen tool or freeform pen tool selected, choose paths on pen tool option bar. At first, draw the top part of the mouse.
  • Using pen tool sub menu, select add anchor point tool to add anchor points where necessary. Use mouse or directional keys on the keyboard to move these points steadily.
  • For better curves, you find anchor points having extensions. Drag the direction points inwards or outwards to create curved lines.
  • Mouse gets shape now. Zoom out (Ctrl+-) to see how smooth & rounded the corners are and make adjustments on defaulting anchor points by moving up or down where necessary.
  • Reduce the anchor points to get smooth curves using Delete Anchor point tool.
  • Click on some more anchor points to delete and use the anchor direction point to adjust the curve.
  • Using the paint bucket tool (G) fill the shape with any color and name the layer “mouse top”

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