Top 3 Amazing Websites to Bookmark

Internet is a network of millions and millions of websites. Amidst such a huge number, there are some incredibly cool websites that offer their useful services for free. We will be listing down some websites that are bookmark worthy! Bookmark all these sites in your desktop and change your working style forever.

PDF Unlocker:

With the emergence of modern technologies and for greater information security, several banks, wallets and telecoms have started to use PDF files in regular basis. Since these documents are password protected, it prevents anyone from modifying it. But sometimes you might want to remove the security lock from these files, in such cases the most easy way would be to log on to, provide the unlock password to download the unlocked file to your desktop. Such website will also enable you to upload files directly from your cloud storage.

Remove your Accounts:

While accessing the internet on a day-to-day basis, we end up in signing into a variety of online services, which in reality don’t actually use it regularly. Such unnecessary accounts will frequently bring in annoying newsletters and fill your inbox. So if you wish to remove such unwanted accounts, log on to You can very well sort – classify websites into grey, black or white list and delete your accounts.

Spell Check:

As a daily routine, most of us use the computer for one thing or the other – may be for sending reports, writing email, preparing notes for examination or to create a status for social platforms. But one thing to note here is that we all are not experts, when the question is about grammar and spellings. So here can come to your rescue.

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