Top Online Social Media Platform -Digg

Digg, the online platform to digg good information and breaking news. Discovering and sharing website is what digg is all about. Users can submit links for their web content in Digg and drive internet audience for the quality of information.

Communication – 3/5 stars
Communication is not the primary means in Digg. Users can use it as a form of communication and readers could comment on the Digg page though.

Brand exposure – 4/5 stars
Create and sustain excellent brand exposure in digg and be sure that the titles of the article should sound good.

Traffic to your site – 5/5 stars
It definitely drives traffic to your website as interested digg readers are more in number.

How you can benefit from it?
It creates the trend by creating topic online as digg users to discuss or vote for the topic that highly impressed them. Users can search for popular and interesting topics that dominate over a period. It offers a valuable tool to keep track of news of the business competitors.

Who should use it?
Online publishers, bloggers, marketers and PR personnel

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