How to Recover WordPress (Localhost) Password

As a webmaster, if you design and develop the wordpress theme, the chances you have made will be their in the local (localhost) copy of the machine for testing, debugging and preview purposes. Here, most of the people make a common mistake of forgetting the admin password.

If password for online self host wordpress blog is forgotten, it’s easy to recover the password. Just go & click the “Lost your password” link to recover the password. But in a localhost, the configuration differs from machine to machine. Mostly, “Lost your password” will not work as an email system nor it supports the setup properly.

Here, simple illustration with login to localhost wordpress dashboard is shown.

If you forgot the username, password or both, the wordpress comes up with an option “Lost your password” function to enable you to recover the password via email. But the email system is not properly setup in localhost, how you get back into the dashboard.

Go to PhpMyAdmin and the URL http://localhost/phpmyadmin. But it varies depending upon the configuration. Look for the database name on the left sidebar i.e. in wordpress. Click it to see its tables. Look the *_users i.e. wp1_users, click it to see the page changes on the right frame. The user_login columns show all usernames currently it has and pick the username you are looking for.

If you are looking for username, you can get it at this step. But if you are looking for lost password, click on the pen icon to edit the data for the specific user.

Go to “user_pass” field, select “MD5” for dropdown function and change its value to new password. Here, the new password is called as “admin”. Once finished, click Go to complete the process. That’s it very simple; the password for username admin has been changed into “admin”.

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