A Brief Overview Of User Experience Design

The user experience, also known as UX Design (for “User Experience”) is an essential phase in the process of designing a website or mobile application.

Given the evolution of the web and the multiplicity of terminals (computers, tablets and mobiles), it is no longer about designing web sites page after page but rather to design a real user experience.

What is the user experience or UX Design?

The User Experience or UX Design, is the perception and feelings of an individual before, during and after the use of a product, service or system in the context of human / machine interaction ( HMI).


An important concept in UX design is the process by which users form experiences. When first encountering a product, a user forms a momentary impression which evolves over time, typically as the product is used throughout a period. In this process, the user’s perception, action, motivation, and cognition integrate to form a memorable and coherent story called “the user experience.” This process elicits emotional responses, which largely determine whether the experience will be considered positive or negative.

The user’s experience varies and therefore changes with time and circumstances. The user perceives this experience through the ergonomics, navigation, content, interactions and graphic quality of a website or mobile application.

UX Design vs UI Design

  • User experience design (UX design) and user interface design (UI Design) are often confused, yet they are two disciplines that are both distinct and complementary.
  • The UX Design includes mainly research user, defining personas (user profiles), the information architecture, the tree, the interractions, prototyping and user testing.
  • The UI Design will meanwhile focus more on the graphic dimension of the site, ie the graphic charter, the visuals (iconography, photos), the typography, the composition of the pages (layout), the colors, animations as well as the design of buttons and navigation elements.



In the face of increased competition between web and mobile applications, the graphic part does not make the difference, the key to stand out is to offer a real user experience to your digital device.


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